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Mobile App Developing Course

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Mobile App Developing Course

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During the course of Android mobile app development training, students learn how to work in an Android Studio based development environment. The Android development course teaches them the unique Android OS architecture, GUI development, how to setup own applications in the Android marketplace. This Android training will help take you take your development skills to a new level. The fact that Android is always growing means that once you learn the basic concepts and principles, your skill set will grow right along with it.

Topic Covered in Mobile App Devloping

Class 1 - Class 5

These classes will focussed on learning different component of UI creation in Android.
  • Activities & Activity Life Cycle
  • Basic elements like Button, Textviews
  • Menu, Toasts & Alert Dialogs
  • Board Game
  • List Views

Class 6 - Class 10

During this part of the Android development course, we will learn to get dynamic data into our app by learning to fetch data from the internet and saving it into the database.
  • Understanding API’s & JSON objects
  • Network data fetching
  • Shared Preferences & File System
  • Databases

Class 11 - Class 15

By now we have learnt enough to make many interesting applications. During these phase we will learn new topics like Fragments, Advanced UI elements, Broadcast Receivers
  • Hackathon-1
  • Fragments
  • Advanced UI Elements like Navigation Drawer, Tab Bar etc.
  • Broadcast Receivers

Class 16 - Class 20

These classes will continue to introduce you to more amazing features like Push Notifications using Firebase Cloud Messaging, Alarms & Sensors.
  • Services & Alarms
  • Firebase Cloud Messaging
  • Location, Audio, Video
  • Using sensors like accelerometer, gyroscope

Class 21 - Class 26

During these last classes we will focus on how to add animations to our applications. We will also learn about Kotlin, adding third party libraries into our app to ease adding FB, Google login etc. We will finish by learning how to push our applications to Google Play Store.
  • Animations & Graphics
  • Third Party Libraries
  • Kotlin
  • Hackathon – 2
  • Play store launch

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